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SALEM 350 (Fall 18) - Communication and Leadership

Ron Montaquila
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Communication and Leadership (SALEM 350) Online Fall18


SALEM 350 Communication and Leadership

Fall 18 Online



Meeting Time: Online


Meeting Place: Online


Professor: Dr. Ron Montaquila


Phone: 817-7780 (cell) 







Course Purpose:


     This interdisciplinary senior course will offer an integrative learning experience in which seniors assume an active role in exploring a critical question from multiple perspectives, developing an integrated and creative response to that question and communicating that response effectively.


   Students will participate in written reflections and responses to questions and ideas in the field of Communication and Leadership.  Students in this course are from a variety of disciplines and professional interests.  The discussions will enable students to share their views and knowledge of their academic discipline with students from other academic fields of study.



Required Course Materials:



Phillips, D. (1992). Lincoln on Leadership. New York, NY: Hachette Book Group.


Stone, D., Patton, B., Heen, S. (2010). Difficult Conversations.

New York, NY: Penguin Group USA.






Learning Outcomes for the Course:



  • Explore the Leadership and Communication issues addressed in this course by applying multiple disciplinary perspectives.


  • Research and evaluate information about the complex issues of communication and leadership.


  • Articulate the perspective of your own discipline.


  • Synthesize ideas from multiple perspectives.


  • Collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines.


  • Deliver an effective, creative response to the critical questions.


  • Use of technology for collaborative research and presentation.






Course Expectations:


      The Salem College standard is that a Salem College student can expect to spend an average 150 minutes a week in and out of class per course. In SIGN 350 online, students will spend a considerable amount (approx. 150 minutes) of time reading the two texts required for the course.   Active online participation in class discussions is an essential component of the class along with completion of all online assignments and projects. The total time required for this course is equal to the time required for a Salem 3 hr. course taught in a classroom.


     In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Salem College seeks to provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities. A student who is eligible for accommodations should seek assistance through the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.





Course Assessment and Evaluation:


     Students in SALEM 350 are evaluated on participation in online discussions and class assignments –Segments 1-5 (edu2.0) (75%). Students will receive a grade for each Segment of the course. The final exam will count for the remainder of the total grade for the course 25%

(5% Final Exam Group/20% Final Exam Group Project).   The final exam will be a Group Presentation in which students will demonstrate their understanding, and present their analysis of the content of the course. The final exam is the Group Presentation Project.



Course Schedule and Assignments: (edu2.0)

Written Assignments:  (edu2.0)


The following written assignments are required of all students:



“Lincoln Translations” – Each student will “translate” the Lincoln Principles of Leadership into a meaningful principle for professionals in their chosen field. Students may rewrite the entire principle, or by changing a word “translate” the Lincoln Leadership Principle to an appropriate guide for professionals in their chosen field. “Translations” will be posted on edu2.0.


Difficult Conversations - Assignments related to the text will be posted on edu20. Assignments will challenge students to use their knowledge of their chosen field to reflect, analyze, and comment on communication issues and interpersonal relationship decisions that will arise in their chosen professions and personal lives.



Discussions - Students must participate in discussions for each segment of the course.  Students will be evaluated on participation and the quality of their input. (For an A – 4 posts required)

Students should participate early in the discussion (don’t wait until the last minute to post).








Final Group Student Presentations (Final Exam)- Students will develop a final group presentation.  Students groups will be assigned based on your major or area of study.  The final project is totally up to the students.  The project must be electronic.  The projects will be posted on edu20 and the Class Blog for all students to view.












Class Assignments Schedule: (all assignments on edu20)




Segment 1: Aug. 22 - Sept. 9: (No late Assignments Accepted)


Difficult Conversations – pp. 1-82

Lincoln – Chapters 1, 2, 3


Online Discussion #1



Final Exam Presentation Group Contact Report (see syllabus)





Segment 2:  - Sept. 10 - Sept. 30: (No late Assignments Accepted)


Difficult Conversations – pp.83-128

Lincoln – Chapters 4, 5, 6


Online Discussion #2



Work on your Final Exam Presentation - Contact your fellow group members.




Segment 3: Oct. 1 - Oct. 24: (No late Assignments Accepted)


Difficult Conversations – pp. 129-184

Lincoln – Chapters 7, 8, 9


Online Discussion #3



Work on your Final Exam Presentation







Segment 4: Oct. 25 - Nov. 12: (No late Assignments Accepted)


Difficult Conversations – pp. 185-234

Lincoln – Chapters 10, 11, 12


Online Discussion #4



Work on your Final Exam Presentation




Segment 5: Nov. 13 - Dec. 4: (No late Assignments Accepted)


Difficult Conversations – pp.235-295

Lincoln Chapters – 13, 14, 15


Online Discussion #5



Work on your Final Exam Presentation




Final Exam – Dec. 10 -(No late Assignments Accepted)


Final Exam (Group Project Presentation) is due on Dec. 10 at 5:00 PM





Introduction/Orientation SALEM 350


Welcome to SALEM 350 (Communication and Leadership).

The following will help you get off to a good start in the course and will enable you to get the greatest benefit from SALEM 350:

  • Check edu2.0 to confirm your registration for the course.


  • Read the syllabus on edu2.0.



  • Check out the “Resources” for the course on edu2.0. You will need them for discussions and assignments.


  • Note that each “Segment” of the course has a deadline for assignments and participation in discussions. Late work will not be accepted. Students will get a grade for each segment. Each segment counts 15% of the grade, the final exam counts for 25% of the grade.


  • If you have questions or are not sure about an assignment call or e-mail Dr. Montaquila.



SALEM 350 – Communication and Leadership – Online 

Course Information


 Students should read the syllabus on edu2.0.


 Pay particular attention to the assignments and how they are divided into Segments for the course. You will receive a grade for each Segment of the course (5 Segments).

Late assignments will not be accepted. The deadlines for each segment are set.

The Final Exam 9 (Group Presentation Project) counts for 25% of your grade. Each Segment counts 15%.


Review the Resources listed in edu2.0. 


Participate in Discussions – don’t be afraid to express your opinion or disagree with your fellow students.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to e-mail or call (336-817-7780)


Enjoy taking a course online!!!












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